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How to Transition to a Natural Beauty Routine

Too often when we’re focusing on improving our health, we focus on what we’re putting into our bodies and we forget about what we’re putting on our bodies. But, the products that we use on our skin can play large roles in our overall health, especially long-term.

A couple of years ago, I began the journey of changing out the products that I was using with safe, non-toxic products. Here is what I learned along the way.

Do your research.

If you’re anything like me, you might not even know if the products you’re using are safe or not. When I first heard how toxic most beauty products are, I was shocked. As I checked my skincare and makeup products on the Environmental Working Group’s website, the EWG app, and the Think Dirty app, I learned that the products I was using had so many harmful ingredients in them. Once I found that out though, I wasn’t sure where to start with finding new, safe products. One site that I discovered and frequently returned to (and continue to visit) was Gurl Gone Green. Suzi has so many product reviews and is committed to only green, safe beauty products. I also recommend exploring sites like Eco Diva Beauty and Conscious Beauty because they sell numerous different brands of natural products. The EWG and Think Dirty apps are also great resources for finding safe products. If you find a product you are considering but aren’t sure if it’s safe or not, you can search for the product on either app or you can enter each ingredient of the product if the product itself isn’t listed.

Beyond just finding products, learn about the ingredients to watch out for and what words such as, “paraben” mean. If you aren’t convinced to jump on the natural product bandwagon, do research and understand why people are committed to the cause. As with all things in life, if you don’t have a solid “why” behind your actions, your pursuit may not last very long.

Visit with a consultant or someone who is knowledgeable about natural beauty products.

When I started the journey, I knew that my products had harmful ingredients, but I didn’t know much beyond that. I reached out to a couple of friends who use natural beauty products and got their recommendations.

Start budgeting for products.

As do most high-quality beauty products, natural products can cost a decent amount of money. I started prioritizing the cost in our budget, watching sales, and shopping at places like Target and Amazon, when possible.

Be patient.

It might take time to find products that work with your skin, especially because many of the new products you choose will have completely different ingredient lists than the products that you have been using.

Give yourself grace.

When I decided that I really wanted to go for it and transform my bathroom into a natural product zone, I wished that I had the capacity to dump everything and start over. But, that simply was not feasible at the time. Rather than letting that keep me from doing anything, I decided to remove the desire for perfection and give myself grace throughout the process. I made a list of all of the products I used – skincare, makeup, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. – and I began to slowly work through the list, swapping out products for healthy, natural products. I adopted the philosophy that something is better than nothing and reminded myself that slow progress is still progress.

Because this journey can be daunting, we created a product tracker that will help you identify the safety of the products that you’re currently using, natural products that you would like to try, and eventually, what products you’d like to keep using. You can get your copy in our freebie library!


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  • Reply
    February 17, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    Nice post! Would you mind sharing which products you use/recommend and what it is you like about them?

    • Reply
      Kelli Langfitt
      February 18, 2017 at 1:19 pm

      Hi, Nicole! I plan on doing a follow-up post that more thoroughly dives into what products I use, but currently, I use Stowaway for makeup, Beauty Counter mascara, Doterra and Shea Moisture skin products, Doterra toothpaste, Schmidt’s Naturals deodorant, and Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner. The main reason why I like the products I’m using is because of how they rank for safety and non-toxicity and how their prices fit within my budget. But, more specifically, I like how Stowaway’s products (foundation, cream blush, bronzer, and eyeliner) go on and how portable they are. I absolutely love their eyeliner because it goes on well and doesn’t smudge or end up above my eyes by the end of the day. I love everything Doterra because I’ve seen their oils/supplements/products work in my life. I just started using Schmidt’s and have experienced a little under-arm irritation but I haven’t felt like I’ve stunk, so I obviously like that. It’s also aluminum-free deodorant, which I think is important. I originally bought the Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner because I have some lotion from that brand that I really like, I can buy them at Target, and they are fairly affordable. I’ve felt like my hair has been greasy since I started using them, but it could still just be adjusting to the new formula. I plan on finishing the bottles and then deciding if I will continue to use them. I make my own dry shampoo from arrowroot powder and essential oils, and I like it because it’s very cost-effective. I was struggling with its application and recently started applying it with a makeup brush, which has really helped — it doesn’t go on so heavily and is rubbed in by morning (I put it on at night). Those are the main things that I use daily — hope that’s helpful! I will be sure to write a more thorough post soon! Let me know if you have any more questions!

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